The images of men's wits and knowledge remain in books... They generate still, and cast their seeds in the minds of others, provoking and causing infinite actions and opinions in succeeding ages.
"Francis Bacon"

1 Students are instructed to maintain silence in the Library premises.
 2. The College library works on all working days between 10:30 am to 05:00 pm.
3. One Library Card is provided to each enrolled student of the college.
4. He/ She can borrow two books at a time. Borrowing period is 15 days.
5. Two books will be issued to each student at given time.
6. Those who apply for book bank facility he/she has to submit 75% of the book amount at the office which is refundable once the book to returned by them.
7. Books should be returned on or before the due date or they have to pay fine.
8. One renewal is allowed, if there is no demand for the same book by other readers
9. Students are advised to check carefully the physical Condition of the book before it is issued. Once the book issued he/she will be responsible to return the book in good condition.
10. If the books are damaged the librarian will not accept the return. If the books are lost or damaged, the borrower must replace a new copy pay double the prevailing cost in the market along with postal charges of Rs 10.
11. Reference books such as Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Yearbooks, Text books with a marking ‘’Reference” etc will not be issued to carry outside the library.
12. Students are advised not to bring their personal belongings except a note book for making notes.
13. In case of any difficulty at the library, the students are welcome to seek the assistance of the Librarian.
14. The newspaper(s) should be used properly after reading and kept back in the designated place.
15. Books Borrowed should be protected from RAIN, DUST, INSECT etc.
16. The Issued book should be entered in the book Issued Register at the Checkpoint before taking out the issued books.





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